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Well, been plugging away a at a variety of projects, but for the most part I don’t have much to show… yet!  I ran through an in-depth Flask turorial (a light weight web framework for python) and am starting to put together a front end for one of the web scrappers I built.  Hopefully I will have that online soon.

In other news, this blog is no longer hosted on the Raspberry Pi.  I moved it over to a hosted solution.  Getting the pi up and running as a web server was a fun little introduction to the device, but ultimately I have a number of other projects I want to try out, and it made more sense to free up the Pi for those projects.  I have ordered two more Pis (for a grand total of four) and hope to play around with mesh networking and parallel computing, however in the mean time, I have set up the two Pis as Litecoin miners (more on that later).

In a few hours, I will be heading out to Costa Rica for a short surf trip, but will write up the Litecoin post while I am on the plane.